The Easton Arts Council & Easton 175 present
2020 VIRTUAL Photography Contest Exhibition

Easton Arts Council

 Easton Through Many Lenses


Hello and welcome to a gallery of photographs commemorating the beautiful town

of Easton, CT. In celebration of Easton’s 175th anniversary, The Easton Arts Council

proudly presents this showcase of 56 photographs taken in Easton over the last few

decades by young, old and in between; by amateurs, professionals and those with

intermediate experience; all endeavoring to capture something special about Easton

on a given day.

The photographs here were entered into an annual Easton Photography Contest that

still goes on today. It was first sponsored by Citizens for Easton, and now, since

2005, is planned, promoted and carried out by the Easton Arts Council. Each year, a

first-prize winner is selected by EAC. Fortunately for us, those 56 (so far) winning

photograph are on permanent display in Easton Town Hall.

The Easton Photography Contest is virtual this year, of course. For information

about how to participate go to

and look under Upcoming Events. 

We extend special thanks to Sheila Weaver of EAC, who digitalized the Town Hall

collection for this display.

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