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Fines and Fees

The Library continues to be fine-free for materials that are returned late. Lost and damaged materials will still incur a fee.

Cost for lost or damaged items will be obtained from Baker and Taylor, Inc. Title Source.  If the item is no longer in print, the Library Director will assess the cost.  Donation of a new copy of the lost or damaged item, or of a reasonable replacement for a lost or damaged item that is out-of-print (“reasonable replacement” as determined by the Library Director) will be accepted in lieu of paying the replacement charges.  The donated replacement copy must be in good, usable condition and in the same format (hardcover for a hardcover, etc.)  Donated items must be received by the Library within 1 month of the mutual agreement between the Library and the cardholder.

If an item that was reported lost and was paid for is found and returned in good condition within 6 months, the Library will refund the price of the item.  However, if due to demand, the Library must replace an item before the 6 month refund period expires, no refund will be possible.

Borrowing privileges will be suspended if a cardholder owes more than $10.00 in fines from any Bibliomation Library, or for any fees related to lost or damaged materials.

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