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Baskets, Lists, and Reminders

by Penelope

Summer is a busy time in the Library! We offer more programs, books are circulating at a higher rate, and more people come through the doors to grab a book or movie. Sometimes, people may want to see what we have before stopping by. Have you been browsing our catalog lately? If so you may have noticed a new feature that can help save you time (and clicks of the mouse) when finding your next great read or binge watch.


With one of the recent updates to the catalog, patrons now have the option to place items in a Basket. The Basket works the same as a regular shopping basket in the grocery store. As your browsing the catalog, you can add items to a Basket. When finished browsing, you can easily place the items on hold, turn them into a List to be shared, or print out the list to bring to the Library if you want to stop by in person!

The lovely staff at Bibliomation, the people who oversee our catalog, created a handy guide on how to use Baskets.


Lists are another tool that patrons have available to them. You can make different lists for different reasons such as: "Want to Read," "Have Read," or "Mystery Books," or "Cookbooks." These lists can be shared with others using a link, or printed out for your own needs. Lists can be updated easily and frequently, if needed.

This guide, designed by Bibliomation staff, is mainly for staff use, but the steps are the same for patrons. In fact, some previous blog posts take advantage of Lists to help promote certain titles. You can view a list in action in this blog post from a couple weeks ago.

Need Help Logging In?

In order to utilize either of these two features, you need to be logged into your account with the Library. Don't know how to do this? Have no fear, just give us a call. We'd be happy to provide you with your username and give you a password if needed. Once logged in, not only can you use the Basket and List feature, but you can also see which items you have checked out, renew items (if needed), and place items on hold.

When placing holds, remember that we only pull items once per day. if the item you are looking for is not owned by Easton Public Library, then it can take up to two weeks to come from other Libraries. Of course, we will let you know when the item is ready for pickup.

If you can't find the title you are looking for in our catalog, give us a call. We have additional options through the State's Inter-Library Loan program, which allows us to get an item from just about any library in the state!

Ready to search the catalog and take advantage of these new features? Click here to see what's new on the shelves!


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