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Black History Month

In the United States, February is dedicated to celebrating Black History. For the last few years, the staff here at Easton Public Library have made displays that feature books in our collection around this topic.

This year we have three displays dedicated to Black History Month. We have a Black Lives Matter display, which you can find the books behind our new Local Author shelf. This display features books by Black authors that are trying to bring change to our country.

Next we have our Adult Black History Month display. This display is located on our rotating monthly display shelf across from the Circulation Desk. The books featured here include biographies, books on the history of slavery, and the Jim Crow era, as well as plays and poetry by Black authors.

Finally, our Youth Services Department created a beautiful display that features books at both the Children's and Young Adult level. Picture books, middle grade novels, nonfiction titles, and young adult stories are heavily featured in this display. You can find books here on people and subjects not covered in the other displays.

We hope you'll talk a look at one or all of these displays. There are some stellar stories available on these shelves.


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