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Collection Spotlight: DIY

by Bob

Spring and summer is the perfect time to complete projects around the house. Thinking of doing it yourself and want more than what HGTV or the DIY network have to offer? Take a look at some of these self-help resources available at the Library. The following self-help guides, as well as others on the shelf, are designed for the novice first timer to the seasoned home repair individual.

Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything: Essential Home Repairs Anyone Can Do (643.7 Popular)

Covers any and all topics including bathrooms, kitchens, light fixtures, and even has a section on basic automotive repairs. Photographs and illustrations are included. An excellent source for the less experienced do it yourselfer.

Complete Do-It-Yourselfer Manual ( 643.7 Complete)

Just about everything you can think of is included: plumbing, electrical, home exteriors, masonry, and a host of everyday remedies from the simple to the more complex. The manual is organized to first recognize the problem and then provide the step-by-step solution. This particular guide is for the more advanced do-it-yourselfer or for those willing to undertake more challenging repairs.

Better Homes and Gardens Tiling Step-by-Step ( 698.9 Tiling)

As the title indicates all aspects of tiling are covered from proper tools and materials to necessary techniques for all types of projects. Its goal is for the homeowner to achieve a professional-looking job on their own without the expense of hiring additional help to perform the same tasks.

Taunton’s Plumbing Complete: Expert advice from start to finish (696.1 Cauldwell)

Using step-by-step illustrations, this definitive guide covers proper tooling, piping, cleaning, unclogging and faucet repair for kitchens and bathrooms.

Taunton’s Wiring Complete: Expert advice from start to finish (621.319 Litchfield)

This manual takes you through every step of the wiring process from replacing old fixtures to wiring an entire house. Starting from working with electricity to safety to tools and materials it provides detailed instructions with over 800 photos and drawings.

If you want even more guidance and instruction, try these helpful resources, as well.

We even have DIY magazines!! HGTV Magazine and This Old House are available both in print and electronically. DIY Home and Popular Mechanics is available as an electronic resource

DIY Home

HGTV Magazine

Popular Mechanics

This Old House

Perhaps, using the materials referenced above, you will be inspired to undertake some home repairs on your own.


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