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EPL's 2021 Summer Reading Adventure: It's A Wrap!

By Mary Beth

This year’s Summer Reading Adventure is one for the books! That’s some Library humor for you, but it’s also something: a) factual and b) very exciting!

As of Monday, August 17th 322 kids and teens have participated in and read 2017 books to complete our 2021 Summer Reading Adventure. They also participated in the many fantastic programs we offered this summer, from Easton Geocaching (which continues through the Fall) to our Sidewalk Chalk Art Show, which we offered in collaboration with the wonderful Easton Arts Council. There was reading on the Library Lawn with our youngest patrons and their stuffed animals and grownups, an outdoor chalk obstacle course that had the kids moving and hopping and twirling through the stations to the finish line, and so much more!

We were grateful to be able to gather outdoors, socially distanced, for many of our programs, but also happy to still offer so many virtual programs to serve those patrons who were not able to attend in person. We were kept busy restocking our Grab & Go Crafts as we watched them fly off the shelves and home with happy crafters, and pleased to see so many teens browsing and finding the book they wanted, so that they could meet the requirements for their summer reading.

Thank you to SSES, HKMS, and JBHS for always working with us to keep us updated with class summer reading requirements and book lists. It makes a world of difference for us and the students! And thank you to the wonderful Friends of the Easton Public Library who generously funded the gift certificates for our Grand Prize Raffle for kids and teens.

For those kids and teens who participated, Summer Reading Book Logs will be available starting Thursday, August 26th. Please contact the Youth Services Department, koulman@eastonlibrary.org or mrassulo@eastonlibrary.org to arrange to pick them up or for us to email them to you.

Free books for readers who have met their reading goals will be available for pickup starting Thursday, August 26th, as well.

Grand Prize winners will be notified after August 26th.

Thanks to all for a great summer of reading!


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