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Grill & Chill With Books on Barbecue

by Ryan

It's August and as summer begins to draw to a close, you may be looking to take full advantage of the remaining days to spend time outdoors, grilling and chilling. Are you considering having a cook-out during the month of August? If so, let us help you decide what to serve. Did you know the Easton Public Library has cookbooks specifically on summer-time eats?

If you take a walk along our cookbook section (641.5 and the subsequent decimal numbers), you'd be greeted with cookbooks by celebrity chefs such as Ina Garten and Joanna Gaines. You can find cookbooks on many different regions of the world like Turkey or North Africa. There are also whole books dedicated to one ingredient like apples, pumpkins, or chocolate!

Baking books are available for circulation, too. Did you know we have a book with over 1000 recipes for quick breads? We also have baking classics written by Martha Stewart and the King Arthur Flour's Baking Companion.

But today we are digging into our own home-grown roots and celebrating an aspect of summer that is almost synonymous with beaches and sunshine: The BBQ! Summer is the perfect time to have a BBQ with friends. The kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and being able to relax with friends around a table full of freshly-grilled food is a getaway all its own.

Our cookbook section is filled with books that can be used to help you plan a summer gathering. Karen Adler's books The Gardener & The Grill and Red, White, and 'Que are excellent choices if you're looking to incorporate some of the tasty local food options you can purchase in Easton.

Nothing says summer like a good ol' fashioned hamburger. Let the queen of the 30-minute meal, Rachael Ray help you break out hamburger-routine with The Book of Burger.

If you're looking for a more laid-back, but flavor heavy grill offering, check out Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Grilling. With Sandra by your side, grilling this summer couldn't be easier. The Taste of Summer by Diane Worthington is full of recipes that would almost guarantee you to have some summer fun. Are you itching for lobster on the grill? Check out this New England-inspired cookbook that celebrates that great cuisine of our little corner of the country.

Happy eating!


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