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Here's Our Reviews For The Week!

Hello Readers!

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of reviews curated by the Staff at Easton Public Library! We have some great options for you this week. If you enjoy one of these titles, let us know!

Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes by Kathleen West

Available to Easton patrons in print

Intended Audience: Adults

Reviewed by: Lynn

Perfect for fans of Class Mom by Laurie Gelman, Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes is a sometimes funny, sometimes serious story of helicopter parenting gone wrong. It is the story of Julia Abbott, mother of two high school students in the affluent town of Liston Heights. Julia's overinvestment in the lives of her kids and in the goings-on at Liston Heights High School results in disastrous consequences for herself and her family. Meanwhile, ultra liberal-minded English teacher Isobel Johson is experiencing troubles of her own, as her curriculum bias lands her in hot water with the Liston Heights school administration. When Julia's and Isobel's paths cross, more drama unfolds and another teacher's secret is revealed.


Streaming Series available on Netflix

Intended Audience: Adults

Reviewed by: Mary Beth

A riveting Netflix series about a 19 year-old woman who flees her Ultra Orthodox Community in Brooklyn for Berlin, where she experiences life in a completely different context. Based loosely on Deborah Feldman’s memoir, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, it is superbly written, acted, directed, and filmed. Another great binge-watch.

Rick and Morty

Available on Adult Swim and Hulu

Intended Audience: Mature Audiences

Reviewed by: Kevin

This show follows the adventures of a mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. In one episode, a group of Mr. Meeseeks became psychotic because they were unable to improve Jerry's golf game. In another episode, Rick and Morty channel surfed inter-dimensional cable. There was an episode about Rick turning himself into a pickle.

Killing Eve

Available on BBC America, AMC, and Hulu

Intended Audience: Mature Audiences/Adults

Reviewed by: Kevin

Killing Eve follows Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), a British intelligence investigator tracking down a deranged assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Villanelle is associated with The Twelve, an organization that hires assassins. The Twelve has connections within Eve's inner circle.

As Eve gets closer to Villanelle, the two develop a mutual obsession for one another. 


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