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It's Time for the First Day of School!

Ah, September! The days are shorter and cooler, the leaves start to change, the traffic on Sport Hill Road increases, and of course, the new school year begins! If you have a little one, they may be having some worries over starting school this year, especially if it's their first day of preschool or kindergarten.

Well, have no fear! We've curated a list of some amazing books to help quell their jitters and get them excited and ready for this new experience.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these books can be found in the Picture Book section of the Library. Need help finding one? Ask a friendly staff member, they'd be happy to help you find one!

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate is a classic "get ready for school book." What makes this one different than many others is that it focuses on the teacher of the kindergarten class. After all, teachers have to get ready too, and sometimes they may even feel nervous just like their students! This is a wonderful story that can help kids feel like they aren't alone when it comes to first-day jitters! And if you kids LOVE Miss Bindergarten, there is a whole series of books covering different aspects of kindergarten like field trips and what happens when the teacher is out sick! P SLATE, JOSEPH

My First Day by Phung Nguyen Quang tells the story of a little boy and his daily trip to school. While many of us ride buses or are driven in a car to school each day, children in other parts of the world may have a very different method of transportation. Set on the Mekong Delta, this Vietnamese boy takes readers along with him on his very trek to school through river swells, mangroves, and even a buffalo herd! This book can show kids that no matter where they live in the world, or what hurdles they may have, students love to go to school each and every day! P PHUNG, NGUYEN QUANG (As of publishing this post, this book can be found on the New Picture Books shelf.)

Looking for a classic story featuring a child who is nervous about stepping into Kindergarten for the first time? Well, if you are, Clover Kitty goes to Kittygarten may be just what you're looking for. An anthropomorphic kitty is easily relatable to kids who are especially nervous about the changes to their daily routine now that school is on the horizon. Not everyone is excited about starting school, and Clover Kitty is no exception. But once there, Clover meets many new friends and can't wait to tell her mommy all about her day!


David Jumps In by Alan Woo details how scary the first day of school can be for young children. They may not make new friends right away and recess can be a difficult time for them. This story can help kids feel better in that they may not be the only ones experiencing this. By the end of this beautifully told story, David makes many new friends and even introduces them to a new toy! P WOO, ALAN

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a modern classic. This story is perfect for children who may experience separation anxiety. Let Chester Raccoon and his mother set them at ease when they learn about the kissing hand and the power of love. While not your traditional "get ready for school" book, this one is definitely a sweet story that will surely make children feel at ease about being away from home in order to go to school. P PENN, AUDREY

Rosemary Wells is known for her Max & Ruby series, but she also has many other children's books that your child will fall in love with. My Kindergarten isn't so much a book about getting ready for Kindergarten, but getting through Kindergarten. In a collection of short poems, rhymes, and songs, Wells provides a stepping stone for the various things children can expect in Kindergarten such as words of the week, holidays, math topics, and springtime flowers. This book can be used for one day or the whole year! Regardless of what you choose, your child will love the illustrations and stories about Kindergarten. P WELLS, ROSEMARY

Finally, The Proudest Blue by Olympic Medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad tells the story of a young girl, Faizah, who is ready to start wearing her hijab. This book introduces readers to a culture that they may be unfamiliar with, but at the heart of the story is a story of bravery which is something that will resonate with everyone. This book is currently a Nutmeg Book Award Nominee! You can find it with the other Nutmeg Nominees. P MUHAMMAD, IBTIHAJ

Did we miss your favorites? Don't worry, these titles are only a small sample of the dozens of books we have on starting school. If you want other options, feel free to stop in and ask for help. Did you know that we also have some books about starting First Grade? There's even some book that the kids can read on their own -- Junie B. Jones comes to mind.

The Easton Public Library has so much to offer for back to school.

We can't wait to see you!


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