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NEW Outdoor Wi-Fi at the Library!

It may be the middle of January, but the staff here at the Library is always looking towards the future. We are continuously working to improve the resources we offer our patrons both on the Library shelves and outside the building as well.

For example, due to the pandemic, we moved our Yarnsmiths program outdoors in the warmer months. This allowed the program to continue to thrive and gave the attendees the ability to socialize, something we all craved after having to remain apart for so long.

Using money we received from the ARPA grant, we were able to extend our Wi-Fi signal to beyond the building's walls. It can now be accessed in the parking lot (which can help patrons make and receive phone calls using Wi-Fi calling) and on the patio behind the building. In time, it will be able to be accessed all around the building as well.

In addition to the Wi-Fi, we are also using money from the grant to purchase new furniture for the patio. By springtime, the new furniture and Wi-Fi connections will allow our patrons additional spaces to complete their work.

Touching upon the blog post from earlier this month, libraries are so much more than just books on the shelf. We provide many different resources to the residents of Easton and the surrounding communities. We hope that come springtime, the outdoor Wi-Fi will prove useful to anyone who needs it.

As with our Wi-Fi connection inside the building, the outdoor Wi-Fi is password-free. Just simply select "Easton PL" from your list of available networks.


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