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This Week's Blog Reviews

Hello Readers!

It's Friday, so the staff at Easton Public Library have more reviews for you to check out. Let us know what you think!


Documentary on Netflix

Intended Audience: Adults/Teens

Reviewed by: Lynn

Becoming is a documentary about Michelle Obama during her 2019 book tour to promote her best-selling book of the same name. I would recommend viewing it after reading the book, which I did. The former First Lady is very candid and down-to-earth in sharing her thoughts and feelings about her upbringing, her husband and daughters, and about what it was like to spend eight years under a microscope. What really shines through is her power to inspire and to connect with others, especially teens and young adults. I would highly recommend both the documentary and the book.

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

TV Special available on Netflix

Intended Audience: Adults

Reviewed by: Lynn

As a huge fan of the Seinfeld series and previous Jerry Seinfeld stand-up comedy specials, I was a bit disappointed in his latest offering, filmed earlier this year at the Beacon Theater in New York. His routine seemed slightly edgier than normal, and a bit more pessimistic. The special includes several good laughs, but I just didn't think it was as funny overall as Jerry has been in the past.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

Available to Easton Residents in print; audiobook; eBook (Overdrive & RBDigital); and eAudio (Overdrive)

Intended Audience: Adults

Reviewed by: Lynn

The Dutch House is a novel about family ties, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Danny and Maeve Conroy grew up in “The Dutch House,” an ostentatious mansion that their father, Cyril, bought after coming into a great deal of money. The house was meant as a surprise for his wife. However, she hates the house and everything it represents. She eventually abandons the family, which causes great angst for 10-year-old Maeve, who develops insulin-dependent diabetes. Danny, who was only three when his mother left, does not remember her. Cyril remarries a cold, un-affectionate woman named Andrea, who has two daughters of her own. What happens from that point on lea

ves a lasting legacy of the rest of Maeve's and Danny's lives.

I found the novel to be compelling and the characters interesting. I liked this a lot better than Commonwealth, the only previous Patchett novel I have read. What I liked most about the book was the relationship between Maeve and Danny, how they were always there for one another.


Miniseries on Netflix

Intended Audience: Mature

Reviewed by: Kevin

Unorthodox is about Esty, a 19 year old Satmar Hasidic Jewish woman, fleeing her tight-knit community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She was unhappy with her arranged marriage and her community controlled her way of life. She leaves Brooklyn and goes to Berlin, Germany, where her estranged mother lives. Esty befriends a group of musicians attending a nearby conservatory. She sneaks in on their rehearsal and is moved by their music. Meanwhile, Her husband, Yankov, and his cousin, Moishe, travel to Berlin to bring Esty back to Williamsburg. Moishe uses any means necessary to find Esty.


Documentary available on ESPN and Hulu

Intended Audience: Mature

Reviewed by: Kevin

Lance Armstrong defeated cancer, won seven Tour de France titles, and was a highly regarded very competitive athlete. Then, the rumor of his use of performance enhancing drugs proved true. Lance Armstrong explained how getting caught using performance enhancing drugs, PEDs, affected his life. Lance took steroids, human growth hormone, cortisone, and EPOs. He defended his use of PEDs by saying that every cyclist competing in the Tour de France dopes. Well, he was not lying. Some coaches will refuse to coach cyclist who refuse to use PEDs. There are some team physicians who will supply PEDs for cyclists. Lance lost everything when he admitted to doping. He lost all seven of his Tour de France titles, endorsements, and is banned from all sports that follows the World Anti-Doping Code.


Available on Hulu

Intended Audience: Mature

Reviewed by: Kevin

This movie is about a high school student Cher Horowitz who lives in Beverly Hills with her father Mel, a $500 an hour litigator. Her ex-stepbrother, Josh, visits during a break from college. The two playfully tease one another. Josh tells Cher that she is selfish and vain. To prove she is not selfish, she plays matchmaker for two teachers at her school. She strategically ends up matching two teachers together in order for them to be more lenient with their grading system so she can renegotiate her bad grades. She realizes she has done a good deed. Throughout the movie Cher's actions will backfire, which will make her feel more and more clueless. 

Music Corner

Pinkerton by Weezer

Intended Audience: Mature

Reviewed by: Kevin

Pinkerton is Weezer's second album. Weezer recorded the album while Rivers Cuomo was attending Harvard University. This album is much 'grittier' and 'raw' than the band's debut album, the Blue Album. Rivers Cuomo wrote songs about his dysfunctional relationships, sexual frustration, and struggles with identity. The first single from Pinkerton is 'El Scorcho', which is about Rivers' inability to approach girls at Harvard. In the song, he sings about his frustration with lyrics like "How stupid is it? I can't talk about it/ I gotta sing about it and make a record of my heart" The second single, 'The Good Life', is Rivers recuperating from a corrective operation for his leg. As he is recovering he sees himself as "Broken, beaten down, can't even get around/ Without an old man cane, I fall and hit the ground/ Shivering in the cold, I'm bitter and alone". The final single from the album is 'Pink Triangle', which is about Rivers fantasizing about settling down with a woman, until he found out that she is not attracted to men.

Some of my favorite songs include: "No Other One," "Why Bother?," and "Across The Sea."

Weezer (Blue Album) by Weezer

Available to Easton residents via Hoopla

Intended Audience: Mature

Reviewed by: Kevin

This is Weezer's debut album and it is excellent. The singles from this album are 'Undone - The Sweater Song', 'Buddy Holly', and 'Say It Ain't So'. River Cuomo, singer song writer, got the idea for 'Undone - The Sweater Song' when he heard the analogy of the unraveling sweater in his English Class. Rivers Cuomo wrote 'Buddy Holly' after his friends made fun of his girlfriend. In the first verse, he confronts his friends' with "What's with these homies dissin' my girl?/ Why do they gotta front?/ What did I ever do to these guys/ That made them so violent?" 'Say It Ain't So' is about Rivers seeing a bottle of beer in the fridge. He believed alcohol was the reason why his parents' marriage ended. His father was an alcoholic and Rivers feared that his mother's second with his stepfather would end this way as well.

Some of my favorite songs from this album include 'The World Has Turned And Left Me Here,' 'Surf Wax America,' and 'In The Garage.'

That's all for this week! Enjoy!!


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