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Today's Reviews

Good morning!

Here are a few reviews for you this week. We hope you like these as much as the Library staff did!

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

Available to Easton Residents in print

Intended Audience: Adults

Reviewed by: Shannon

This book unites a diverse group of people who come together with their love of Jane Austen. It takes place after World War II, in Chawton, which is the community where Jane herself lived. I loved the characters’ opinions on the JaneAusten novels. You don’t have to be familiar with Jane Austen to love this one.

When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara Samuel-O'Neal

Available to Easton Residents electronically

Intended Audience: Adults

Reviewed by: Shannon

This book the story of two sisters that get separated by tragic circumstances. Unresolved memories of a dramatic and sometimes disturbing past get in the way of true healing. The characters each have an intricate story to tell. I found myself moved to tears at one point, and that is what is so powerful — the sheer emotion. There is nothing like a story that gets under your skin and draws a response.

Photo by Shannon Bruchal

That's all for this week. Happy reading!!


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