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Teen Action Groups

Do you have ideas for fun programs you would like to see at the Library?  How about books that you would like to read? This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. These Teen Action Groups will meet monthly on Fridays and discuss all issues related to teens and the Library. 

Green background. Text reads, "The library squad".

Grades 6-8*

Come and tell us what materials and programs you would like in the Library while we have some fun! In November, we will design our own buttons and in December, we will learn how to draw some Anime.

*HKMS students can take the bus right to the Library.

Pink outline of circle and gold line overlapping. Text inside that reads, "TLC".

Grades 9-12

TLC (Teen Library Council) is a teen-led group that you can help design. Make your voice heard and make a difference. 

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