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The Library offers the use of its Conference Room, Community Room, and Glass Display Case for artists to display their work. The Conference Room and Glass Display Case are curated by Dolly Curtis, while the Community Room features mainly exhibits in conjunction with the Easton Arts Council. If you're interested in displaying your work, contact Dolly Curtis at dollycurtis72@gmail.com. Please read our artist guidelines below.

Keri English-Giddes is a contemporary artist residing in Easton, CT with her husband, Gregg, and children, Tate and Luke. Her path to becoming an artist began during her childhood years, growing up in Wolcott, CT. At the age of 4, her aunt introduced her to the fundamentals of painting and within three years, she was taking private weekly lessons under Frances Hurley. Keri continued to develop her talent throughout her adolescence and

was fortunate to have had many wonderful influences during these formative years. In particular, she credits her high school art teacher, Richard Kupstis, with fostering creativity and providing direction to her during that period. Keri went on to study Fine Art and graphic design at CIT in Greenwich, CT. After graduating, she worked in advertising and design for many years prior to starting her own children’s clothing line,

Obeckali. When Keri’s children were young, she wrote and illustrated 4 children’s books, which she dedicated to her own children and their teachersThroughout her own education, and then through the experience of her children, the value of finding that “right educator” and the importance of having a creative outlet was consistently reinforced. Keri was able to continue the legacy of education in the Arts within the local area both by founding The Easton Arts Center (TEAC) in 2013 and LaLa Picasso School of Art and Music in 2011. While the commitment to run both of these has limited her capacity to produce her own work, the time she spends helping to shape young artists and unlock their potential is the true actualization of the mission she is passionate about. Her work, influenced by current events and surroundings, is typically donated, or sold through TEAC’s annual auction benefitting local organizations and a sponsorship program to continue the gift of Art Education.

Keri English-Giddes

Art Show Fundraiser

Exhibiting Now

Community Room

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Cleo Sonneborn

ebb & flow

April 1 — May 15

Conference Room

Cleo Rawdon Sonneborn was born and lived on the prairie that spread out from the Black Hills of South Dakota until the mid 1950s, when her family moved to Western Australia, the home of Cleo’s mom, who was a World War II war bride. From her new home near Kwinana Beach, she walked the white sand and swam in the Indian Ocean. She played with her sisters and new friends in the bush, surrounded by fragrant gum trees and the cheeky, raucous call of the kookaburra. Though after a few years her family moved back to South Dakota, the variety of terrain deeply influenced her. The vivid contrasts in the natural world stayed with Cleo and continue to influence her painting. With the flow of water and color, she creates landscapes and abstract work. Cleo has lived on the east coast since 1968, having earned a BA in Anthropology from SUNY, Purchase, and her MAT degree at Sacred Heart University. She and her husband Jonathan have raised three children in Easton, which has been her home since 1982. 

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Frank Pagliaro

Easton's Graveyards

April 1 — May 15

Glass Display Case

As the town recognizes 175 years of life in Easton, we should be aware that over the course of its 300 years of settlement, Easton has been home to a few thousand people who are now permanent residents. The town has several cemeteries where we can find the citizens who made Easton what it is today. As part of the 175th Anniversary, Frank Pagliaro, Cemetery Committee member and local history buff, presents an exhibit in the Glass Display Case about Easton’s graveyards. This exhibit describes funereal practices, monument styles, and notable people from the last three centuries. Additionally, on May 15th at 11am, Frank will lead a tour of Center Street cemetery.

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