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Digital Library

The Easton Public Library offers a variety of digital material for its patrons, including eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, digital magazines, and streaming videos, which are all available with an Easton Public Library card.  You will need your card to set up and access your account. 

eBooks, eAudiobooks, Movies, Magazines, Music & Comics

Logo for Libby. At the bottom there is a clipart of someone reading and at the top it reads "Libby".
Hoopla logo. Blue background, white text in center that reads, "Hoopla".

An OverDrive app for ebooks, eaudiobooks, & magazines

Download/stream ebooks, audiobooks, comics, videos & music

Logo for the Palace Project. On the left are colorful lines and on the right is text that reads, "The Palace Project".

An app for ebooks, eaudiobooks, & magazines

The Kanopy logo. The background is black. In the center is a white "K".

Free movies streamed to any device,


Free Music to Go Downloads/Streaming 

Gale EBooks logo. At the top it reads "Gale" with an orange background. Toward the bottom it reads "Gale EBooks". To the left there is an image of five books stacked on top of each other.

A selection of non-fiction and reference ebooks.

Magazine cover for Consumer Reports. Background is yellow and has multiple small images around the text. The text reads, "Buying Guide 2023".
Logo for library of congress. Background is white. In foreground is black text that reads "Library". Underneath it states, "Library of Congress" in red text.

Free ebooks from the Library of Congress collections

Logo for Project Gutenburg. Background is tan. Text in foreground reads "Project Gutenburg" in red and black text. Font is an old style type.
Internet Archive logo. Background is white. On the left it says "Internet" and at the top "Archive". There is a clipart of a four beamed structure in the center.

Free ebooks 

Free ebooks,
audiobooks & movies

Logo for Libri Vox. Background is dark green. Text in foreground is bright green and reads "Libri Vox".

Free audiobooks 


Free ebooks and access to archives, museums & databases.

Online Learning


Tools and resources
for job searchers

Mango logo. White background. At the bottom it says "mango" in black text. In the middle there is a large "M" shape filled with various colors and patterns.

Online and app-based language-learning resource. 


Assists in every step of the college admissions process, including live guidance, essay review, and financial aid resources.


HelpNow offers live tutor access for homework help, skills building and test preparation.


 Online tools to protect your finances, invest wisely, grow wealth, and learn more about your finances.

White background. On the left is a drawing of a pencil and a train combined. On the right there is text that reads' Educate Station".

Ready-to-use, hands-on activities for kids Pre-K-5th Grade to do at home or at school

Grey background. At the top there is an "N" surrounded by triangles. Beneath it reads, "Northstar Digital Literacy" and in small font beneath this it reads, "A program of literacy Minnesota".

Test and assess your digital and computer skills.


A collection of study games designed to help kids in K-12 build a foundation of knowledge.

Green background. On the left is a black banner that reads "Gale". Next to the banner it reads "Legal Forms". Behind this text is a photo of a hand holding a pen to a form.
White background. There is text that reads "Encyclopedia Britannica" and behind it there is an intricate design of a leaf.

A wide selection of free state-specific (and multi-state) legal forms across the most popular legal areas.

Important information for people representing themselves in court.

Free step-by-step video tutorials for all your favorite crafts and hobbies.

Online encylopedia, ebooks, and articles on news, history, science, and more

Red background. At the top it reads "CT needs" and beneath it reads, "You"> The "You" is transparent and has a woman smiling within it. To the right of her there are three logos, all related to Connecticut.

CareerConneCT - Get skills and training for high-quality, high demand careers in Connecticut.


230,000+ hours of easily searchable public affairs video, spanning from 1987-2017

White background. On the left is a clipart of a stick figure in front of a blue circle. To the right of this it reads, "GCF Learn Free . org". At the bottom in small text it reads, "creating opportunities for a better life".

Online learning of over 200 topics with lessons, videos, interactives, and games, all completely free.

Perplexity AI.png

Conversational AI search engine that provides accurate answers from curated sources.


Blue background. Text in the center that reads, "Search the Connecticut Post Collection". The Connecticut Post part is bolded. In the bottom right in white lettering it reads, "NewsBank".

A collection of Connecticut Post databases, including an image edition.

At the top is an old woman next to two girls. Next to them it says "New!". Beneath them it reads, "Heritage Hub" and at the bottom it reads, "Discover the premier collection of U.S. obituaries and death notices for in-depth genealogical research, 1824-today".

U.S. Obituaries from 1704-Today

Blue background. American flag waving on the right. On there is text that reads, "Find reliable information on any topic." At the bottom there is a black bar with white text that reads, "America's News".

A comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues.

Blue background. Text at the top reads "Search the" and beneath that it reads "USA Today" with a blue circle next to it. Beneath this text it reads, "Collection"> In the bottom right corner it says "News Bank" in smaller text.

USA Today, in image and text versions.

Black background. White text in the center that reads, "The New York Times".

 A collection of Fairfield County Newspapers

CT State Library Online Resources 

White background with green border. On the left it reads, "Research it magazine index and more" and on the right it reads, "CT" with a feather logo next to it.

Journal, magazine, 
and newspaper articles

White background. On the left it reads, "Find it statewide library catalog. A service of the CT state Library" and on the right it reads, "CT" with a feather logo next to it.

Connecticut's interlibrary loan portal for patrons and libraries

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