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Close up of a bookshelf. Several books are on it.

What to Read Next Kids & Teens

Your next book, audiobook or movie is just a click away.

Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks

Text in center that reads, "Overdrive kids".
Text in center that reads, "Overdrive teens".
Maroon background. Text at top that reads, "Libby". Underneath it is a design of person reading. Over the design of the book it reads, "By overdrive".
One App One Tap hoopla booklet- PLA - WE
Grey background. On the left is a design of a square. On the right it reads, "the palace project".

Award Winners

At the top it reads, "Nutmeg book award" beneath this is a logo made up of leaves and a nutmeg seed. Beneath this it reads, "chosen by Connecticut's youth".
Golden medal. At the top it reads, "The Caldecott" and beneath this is a carving of a person on a horse. Across this carving it reads, "American Library Association".
Gold medal. At the top it reads, John Newbury Medal". Underneath this is a carving of a book that reads, "For the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children". Across this it reads, "American library association".
A circular stamp. In the center there is a large "M". Around this M is written, "William C. Morris Debut Award". Under this "M" it reads "American library association".
Orange circle. Around it reads, "Michael L. Printz award for excellence in young adult literature American library association". In the center is a black "P".

If you're looking for something to read...

On the left it reads, "KDL" and next to this is a design of a leaf. Underneath this it reads, "What's Next books in series".
It is an orange speech bubble. Within this it reads, "Teen's top ten" and under this it reads, "Yalsa".
On the left there are three rectangles. Over this it reads, "YALSA" and beneath this it reads, "young adult library services association" and under this it reads, "A division of the American library association".

Coming soon!

Recommended Reading
from the Librarians

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