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Easton Geocaching

Trees in background. In the center a photo of Easton, Connecticut on a map. Text at the top reads, "read around" and text over map reads, "Easton".
Iphone in the woods. Phone is open to a map.

The Challenge: Find eight Easton destinations which encourage being active and outdoors. Each destination will have a marker with a QR code and some information on the historical significance of the site. Scan the QR code with your phone and fill out the short form. Now, on to the next destination. This is a fun and active way to discover some beautiful Easton destinations. Easton Geocaching will run through the summer. Everyone who visits all 8 sites and fills out the forms attached to the QR codes will be entered into a raffle for a framed reproduction of Beers’ 1867 map of Easton donated by the historical society.
In collaboration with the Historical Society of Easton

How to Find the Destinations

1. On your smartphone or tablet, open a maps app.
2. In the search box at the top, type your coordinates.
3. Make sure to type them exactly as they are written.
4. Remember to put a comma in between the two coordinates.
5. You'll see a pin at your coordinates. That's your destination!
6. Look for the marker, then scan the QR code and submit the form.
7. Now, on to the next destination.


Outline of a black circle with text within it that reads, "historical society of easton" in the intermost circle is a design of a house and two trees, and beneath this it reads, "1968".

Coordinates and Hints

1. 41.24898 N, 73.30300 W   Not enough space for all the kids now.
2. 41.24467 N, 73.32039 W   Check out Helen H's garden.

3. 41.24972 N, 73.30277 W   A crossroads landmark.
4. 41.25288 N, 73.29704 W   Get a dog license, pay your taxes, dump tickets, and more.
5. 41.25189 N, 73.29608 W   Before the big white silo.
6. 41.23211 N, 73.32110 W   Shop for tires and have some pancakes.
7. 41.25008 N, 73.30210 W   Would you care for some stamps with your latte?
8. 41.24160 N, 73.26947 W   Blinking light, skyward white.


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