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What can you do in the Innovation Space?

The possibilities are endless. All you need is your imagination. 

A board game titled, "3Doodler" and beneath this it reads, "essentials pen set". There is a toy robot on the box next to a small image of children.


A box filled with rectangular toys.

Designer Blocks

Toys laying on a table. One is made up of several hexagons. The others lie on top of this one.

Electronic Snap Circuits

Three spools of string sitting on a table. In front of them are the beginnings of handmade bracelets.

Gimp Set

Six containers holding beads and string.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Two games sitting on a table next to each other.


Three origami sitting next to each other.

Origami Paper

The Osmo game in a box.

Osmo Kit

Multiple rolls of duct tape on top of each other.

Duct Tape

A red circle with blue string tied over it in a pattern.

Knitting Looms

An etch a sketch with a smiley face drawn in the center.

Magna Doodle

A jar of plastic pieces on a desk. In front of the jar is the assembled toy.

Brain Flakes

Several spools of yarn on a desk.


A  500 piece puzzle box. It reads, "Telluride" at the top and beneath this is a photo of a mountain.


A plastic bag filled with spools of string for bracelet making.


A sudoko cube in a box on a table.

Sudoko Cube

An open box filled with multiple types of batteries.

LED & Lithium Batteries

Book titled, "the paper shoe book" with images of lemons at the bottom.

The Paper Shoe Book

An ozobot, it is small and robotic appearing. The outside is silver and there is a clear dome at the top.


Four rubix cubes next to each other. One is 2x2, one is 3x3, one is, 5x5, one is 4x4.

Rubik's Cubes

Board games stacked on top of each other. From top to bottom it reads, "Revenge, operation, chutes and ladders, boggle, and trivial pursuit".

Board Games

Board game titled, "steam student set".

Little Bits

Lego box. The top reads, "mindstorms" and beneath this is a Lego truck. In the left corner it reads, "31313".

LEGO Robots & Manual

A craft box titled, "spirograph".


A box that reads, "colored pencils" on a table.

Coloring Station

A box titled, "stikbot zamination studio" in the center are plastic robots.


Two button makers side by side with a blue background.

Button Maker

Book that reads, "crafts to go" on the top.

Crafts to Go

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